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Primary focus is to provide pragmatic, solution-oriented and technically feasible advice while ensuring efficacy, mutual trust and personal responsibility towards our clients.  team strives to deliver high quality legal services, keeping in view the time and cost efficiencies for our clients.

Firm deals with vast variety of cases including various criminal and forensic cases related to murder, attempt to murder, POSCO cases, Rape cases, sexual harassment cases, Negotiable Instruments Act, cheating, forgery, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation, cybercrimes, corporate frauds, negligence, Motor Vehicles Act, Central Bureau of Investigation cases, Matrimonial cases including Domestic violence, maintenance, restitution and divorce cases, Civil cases including commercial disputes, property matters, recovery suits, injunction suits, suit for possession, Eviction suits, partition and declaration suits and matters relating to Central Administrative Tribunal, Delhi Rent Tribunal and Consumer matters.


Firm deals with various criminals cases related to murder, sexual harassment, POSCO cases, cheating, forgery, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation, cybercrimes, corporate fraud, negligence, offences involving weights & measures, Motor Vehicles Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Central Bureau of Investigation cases; to name a few.


Firm deal with a wide range of civil matters related to commercial disputes, property disputes, RERA  and NCLT & AT, civil recovery proceedings, suits for injunction, partition, specific performance, wills, probate, succession, surrogacy, adoption, R cases under Rent Control Act, and Insolvency and Bankruptcy cases.


Firm also deals with various consumer related matters in the consumer forums including district consumer forum, state commission and national commission.


Resolving matrimonial disputes can be a highly complicated and sensitive process. Having the right set of lawyers to deal with such matters can make all the difference. These disputes are diverse in nature and include matters of divorce, maintenance, domestic violence, dowry, divorce, restitution and custody cases among others. Firm has dealt with some of the most publicized matrimonial cases and over the years our dedicated team of lawyers has built the expertise to deal with such matters.


Matrimonial disputes have psychological factors at their core, like ego, emotions, feelings etc. Mediation as a process provides the scope of a neutral party who listens to the problems objectively and tries to preserve the relationship in a confidential manner. Mediation and Pre-litigation Mediation has been an effective process for resolving disputes, bridge the gap in communication and improving/preserving relationships between the parties while at the same time being cost and time effective. Firm has successfully disposed-off many matters through pre-litigation mediation.

Firm also actively works for various panels which includes being legal consultant at Delhi Police, Panel advocate at All India Legal Aid Cell on Child Rights , Legal consultant at Delhi Minorities Commission, Government of  NCT of Delhi, counsel at P. N. D. T, West District, Government of NCT of Delhi and Delhi State Legal Services Authority. Firm also conduct legal awareness workshops and aware people of  the society regarding their   rights   and also lectures are delivered in these NGOs on POCSO Act, Domestic Violence Act, Juvenile Justice Act etc., and provide other allied legal services under the name & style M/S LAWSMITHS , having its registered officer at  C-294, East End Apartment, New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi    ( w.e.f. Since- 01/01/2018) is the sole exclusive owner, inventor and adopter of the following trade name.                               
  •  WORKING AREA:         :  ALL OVER INDIA   That the said trade & Company/Firm name and trade description is enjoying a good Reputation in the market and is used as the goodwill of the business and is being applied in respect of and in connection with the said business throughout the Republic of India, therefore the advocate/execution/declare shall not be held responsible for any act or omission of the said proprietor in any manner whatsoever.     That the said trade name and trade of nature of the said business and is the sole and exclusive property of the said owner by right of invention, adoption and user and is protected for him/her by law, anyone else has no right to make use of or have dealing with the said trade name and description either in similar connection or even with any minor change or if any part of Republic of India.     That the REGISTRATION OF PROPRIETORSHIP is registered under the Indian registration Act.1908, and will be valid throughout the Republic of India until its particulars are changed in any way whatsoever.   That the any person or persons save and except the said fraudulently or dishonestly dealing in using or counterfeiting the said trade and name and trade description in any way and in any part of Republic of India shall be guilty of infringing be liable to criminal prosecution and civil actions with all costs and damage as provided by law.     


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